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Colourful texas longhorn calves
Calving time always has an air of excitement regardless of the breed, but when you breed texas longhorns - it's also like a lucky dip!  No two longhorn calves are ever alike - they can be nearly
any colour and coat pattern you can imagine. 
It's so exciting, that here at TLA, we have a quarterly competition to see who has bred the most colourful calf!   Here are some of the gorgeous entries from our April 2010 competition:

# Don Constable – Bull calf by Tempter out of Eye Brows. 

 Two calves belonging to Michael Bethel
Three calves belonging to Michael Bethel 
Drag Iron Heifer owned by Darol Dickinson 

Overkill Bull Calf owned by Darol Dickinson


Buckle Bunny II bull calf owned by Judy & Warren Matotek   

Broomsticks bull calf by Superman owned by
 Gail & Wayne Bulmer
Tequila Shooter – Splashs 1st calf (Bull) owned by
Gail & Wayne Bulmer
Cross bred bull calf out of XB heifer by Angus bull,
owned by Gail & Wayne Bulmer