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Stock offered for sale
Please click on the images below to view some of the 60 head of cattle offered for sale at this second annual TLA Breed Sale.  Late entries have been received and they include more longhorn cross heifers and cows, younger calves and some roping heifers and steers.
For enquiries, please contact TLA via the contact page for further information
TLA Sale
The Second annual TLA Breed Sale will be held in Gunnedah on Sunday 12 June 2011. The sale will be conducted by Rex Carter Stock and Property, Gunnedah at the Gunnedah Saleyards.
Bidding will start at 10.30am. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to enter in the sale:

  • Heifers
  • Cows (including with calves at foot and/or PTIC)
  • Bulls
  • Roping or bulldogging steers
  • Trophy steers
  • Weaners

Photographs of sale stock will be posted on the site as they are received. 
For further information about Gunnedah, places to stay and eat, and things to do, click hereto visit the website of Tourism Gunnedah. 
If you are interested in putting cattle in the sale, or require further information about the June 2011 Texas Longhorn Sale please contact us via the contact page, or call Geoff Dawson on 02- 6743 1603 (after hours). 
TLA Meeting and Dinner
TLA also plans to hold a get-together for TLA members, so we encourage all members to attend where possible.  
Date: Saturday 11/6/2011
Time: 6 pm
Venue: Gunnedah Services Club, Cnr Conadilly & Abbott Streets, Gunnedah.
PLEASE RSVP NUMBERS to Geoff on 02- 6734 1603 after hours.  


TLA will be holding three competitions in conjunction with the TLA Sale.  These include:
  •  TLA Trophy Steer Competition - come, see and even purchase some of the longest horned animals in Australia. For further information on entering, please contact Geoff Dawson on 02- 6734 1603 (ah).
  •  "Guess the Weight" Competition - view the stock and enter on the day. Special trophy prize up for grabs for the closest entry!
  •  "Guess the Tip-to-tip Measurement" Competition - enter the competition, view the horns and estimate their TTT measurement. Closest entry wins a special trophy prize.